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 Applecross Country Club


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Applecross Country Club

Applecross Country Club is a 655-unit golf course community located in East Brandywine Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania. A mixture of residential housing types surround an 18-hole Nicklaus Design championship golf course carefully sited within 618 acres of fallow field and woodlands. The proposed residential clusters range from townhouses and carriage homes on the north tract to manor homes and 2-acre estates in the south. A clubhouse, community center, and recreational trails are also included.

In its role as lead engineer on the project, Horizon Engineering was tasked to best balance the proposed improvements with the site’s significant environmental resources, particularly wetlands and regulated waters associated with Beaver Creek and the in-line, 17-acre Beaver Creek regional flood control facility. These aquatic resources coupled with riparian forest habitat made it challenging to site the homes and engineer a championship golf course while avoiding and minimizing impacts to the adjacent environment. Horizon Engineering was able to help achieve less than one-quarter acre of unavoidable aquatic resource impacts on a site with greater than 4-miles of stream frontage.

In order to protect the water quality in the receiving waters of Beaver Creek, Horizon Engineering designed more than three dozen stormwater management facilities to provide the runoff capture, infiltration, and water quality treatment required by current NPDES regulations. These facilities are an innovative mix of infiltration basins, wet basins, water quality sumps, rain gardens and standard detention basins. Horizon Engineering also implemented an Aquatic Resource Buffer (A.R.B.) to protect and preserve acres of additional riparian habitat for water quality and wildlife habitat.

The site is connected to the nearby employment centers of King of Prussia and Philadelphia via US 322, which borders the site to the north. State route 4002, East Reeceville Road, and 4015, Bondsville Road, also bisect the site. Greater than one mile of frontage improvements on these roads has required significant design and coordination efforts with PennDOT, District 6 and the Chester County Permits Office. PennDOT has also required additional offsite improvements along the 322 corridor towards its connection with US Route 30. These offsite improvements are highly complicated by narrow rights-of-way through historic Guthriesville.

Six miles of proposed roadways are arranged to cluster the residential units around the streams and wetlands and among the links of the golf course. Horizon Engineering was able to facilitate a cut-fill earth balance by carefully considering proposed grade relationships between the housing clusters, or pods, and the surrounding golf areas. Pods and adjacent holes were adjusted in elevation to minimize the excavation and movement of material around the site. Once the vertical elevations were established, miles of utilities were then routed and designed to service the proposed community.

Currently Horizon Engineering is helping our client implement the construction stage of Applecross Country Club Phase One. In this role, we are coordinating with environmental agencies to procure and support the applications filed for NPDES and PADEP 105 water encroachments. Our experience dictates that the construction phase will bring its own set of challenges for which Horizon Engineering will be prepared to support the client fully to project completion.