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Pedestrian Bridge at Villanova

Nature of Firm’s Responsibilities on the Project:

All construction survey work associated with the construction of a five-segment pedestrian bridge at Villanova University. The project also included a pavilion, adjacent curbs and sidewalks, utility duct bank installation and sub-surface drainage. General survey work included stakeout of: erosion & sediment controls, road, curbs, utilities,3 trench drains, and grading. Surveying specifically for the bridge included working points, abutments, footings, piers, beam placements and deck elevations.  Surveying for the pavilion included corner offsets and footer nails.  Our work also included project management, horizontal and vertical control reconnaissance, verification and establishment.

Unique Design Features:

  • Multiple component structure to manage within a heavily trafficked area
  • Landmark structure

Villanova University

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