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Pennsburg Square Shopping Center Expansion

Nature of Firm’s Responsibilities on the Project:

The Pennsburg Square Shopping Center Expansion includes space for three new building pads along Pottstown Pike as well as an expansion to one of the existing buildings on the property.  Horizon Engineering Associates LLC., provided all of the site civil engineering and surveying services for the property owner. These services included the layout of three new building pads and the expansion of an existing building, plus additional parking, a new access driveway to Pottstown Pike and a new full-access driveway to Seminary Street.  HEA’s services included all necessary preparations of Subdivision and Land Development Plans for submission to Pennsburg Borough, preparation of Highway Occupancy Permit plans for submission to PennDot, and preparation of Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plans and NPDES permit documents to Montgomery County Conservation District, as well as submission to other permitting agencies and utility owners for approval.  Cynthia Smith, P.E., President of HEA, provided expert testimony for the required Zoning hearings, and represented the project to Pennsburg Borough throughout the Subdivision and Land Development process. HEA’s surveyors performed topographic surveying work necessary to aid in the completion of the plans, and are contracted to perform construction stakeout activities for the new construction.

Unique Design Features:

  • A new accessory driveway to Pottstown Pike
  • A full-access driveway to Seminary Street

Pennsburg Borough, Montgomery County, PA

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