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Trevor W. Smith, P.E., Principal, Vice President of Engineering
Trevor W. Smith, P.E., Principal, Vice President of Engineering

Principal, Vice President of Engineering

As a founding partner of Horizon Engineering, Mr. Smith advises on the day-to-day business and financial operations of the company, manages company resource allocation and provides technical oversight as needed. Mr. Smith remains actively involved in project management and design activities, including plan generation, permitting and presentation to the various public and municipal entities from which a project requires approval. Mr. Smith’s experience covers a broad spectrum of land development in terms of both size and complexity.  Mr. Smith has managed projects ranging from small business expansions and new construction of commercial and industrial facilities to the management and design of large-scale residential developments. Mr. Smith’s involvement in a project begins in the conceptual planning stages and continues through to the end of construction.

Mr. Smith also manages the Construction Bank Draw Inspection Services for Horizon Engineering.  In this capacity, he coordinates with the loaning bank or institution and the contractor to evaluate the accuracy of the draw request, construction phase completion, stored materials on site, and determines whether all construction work is in place per the plans and specifications prior to the release of funds.

Mr. Smith has also served as Chairman of the board for The Upper Hanover Authority for the past 7 years.   In this role, he advises the UHA on overall operations and procedures.

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