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    The Knitting Mills Project

    The Knitting Mills projects, which is the home of the former Vanity Fair Outlets, is a $70 million redevelopment project that included demolishing one building and the repurposing of other buildings, plus the addition of sustainable site features such as rain gardens and pedestrian oriented streetscape improvements.  When completed, the complex of former knitting factories will be transformed into a walkable center with offices, retail stores and restaurants.  So far, the redevelopment includes a Sly Fox Brewing restaurant and bar, as well as offices for UGI Energy Services and Tower Health.   Horizon Engineering worked with Spear Excavating on the streetscape project, providing them with all construction site survey needs.  Horizon’s work included all horizontal and vertical controls, erosion and sediment controls plus curb and ramp stakeout. Horizon is proud to be a contributor to the revitalization of West Reading!

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