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Kelly Road Corporate Campus

Nature of Firm’s Responsibilities on the Project:

An expansion to the Kelly Road Corporate Campus, doubled the size of the building to 15,000 square feet and allowed for the implementation of significant landscape architectural elements to provide a comfortable working environment for the building’s occupants.  Located on two acres in Richland Township, Bucks County Pennsylvania, the Kelly Road Corporate Campus was transformed from a barren, stone and weed-covered site into a verdant garden setting.  Welcoming entrance plazas constructed of colored and textured concrete in bold geometric patterns reminiscent of the Art Deco style are complimented by a dynamic palette of plant material providing year round impact.  Continuing the bold geometric patterning, a circular, colored-concrete outdoor break area is located at the end of a meandering pathway of circular concrete stepping-stones.  Embraced by a stone seat wall and ornamental plantings, this space is available as a temporary outdoor retreat by the building’s occupants.  A stormwater BMP area was carefully designed, graded and planted to become a feature in the landscape and not only functions to improve water quality, but also serves as a strong visual amenity.

The Kelly Road Corporate Campus project truly represents the spectrum of services we provide from land planning to engineering, surveying to landscape architecture, land valuation to land development facilitation, and permitting to construction support.

Richland Township, Bucks County, PA

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