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Horizon Engineering Survey Crew working at Lehigh Valley International Airport at night

Lehigh Valley International Airport Rehab of Runway Intersections

Nature of Firm’s Responsibilities on the Project:

Horizon Engineering is currently providing all site surveying services for the LVIA Rehab of Runway Intersections project.  This rehab project is part of a long term $80 million runway renovation project.  Horizon Engineering provided subconsultant services that included all horizontal and vertical control reconnaissance, verification and establishment, topographic checks, and surface models for machine controls.   Horizon Engineering also provided all erosion and sedimentation controls and stake out for the storm sewer , lighting and service road.  The intersection rehab stakeout included subbase, base course, 2 lifts and finish.  After construction, Horizon will provide all as-built surveys.

Unique Features:

This project was conducted during a 36 hour closure of the LVIA.  Because of the nature of the construction work, the airport had to close for it to be completed.  Our surveyors worked around the clock to complete the project.

City of Allentown, Lehigh County, PA

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