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Schuylkill Haven PennDot Road Expansion

Nature of Firm’s Responsibilities on the Project:

Horizon Engineering conducted all construction survey work associated with the PennDot road expansion from two lanes to four in a heavily residential area of SR 61 in Schuylkill Haven Borough.  In addition to the road expansion, the project included new narrower sidewalks, drainage, retaining walls, replacing an 8 foot single-span structure over Willow Creek and electrical, water and sewer utility relocations. Survey work included stakeout of:  erosion & sediment control, rough and fine road grades, curbs, 50 ADA ramps, traffic and sign pads, bridge/culverts, retaining walls, utilities and right-of-way fences. Our work also included project management, horizontal and vertical control reconnaissance, verification, and establishment.

Schuylkill Haven Borough, Schuylkill County, PA

ECMS# 72451

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