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Wooded Ridge

Nature of Firm’s Responsibilities on the Project:

Horizon Engineering performed all civil engineering services for Wooded Ridge, a residential subdivision nestled under a forested canopy in Marlborough Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The project features 36 single-family homes on approximately one half acre lots arranged over 37 acres.  Horizon Engineering was instrumental in working with the Township to affect a zoning change for the property that would include it within a cluster overlay district we had previously created with the Township for the same client.  The original zoning for this property was split, providing for a mix of 10,000 square foot and two acre lots.  We worked with the Township to incorporate the project site within the cluster zoning overlay district, allowing for a product the developer felt was more marketable for the geographic region.  In exchange for the flexible lotting option, several environmentally and historically sensitive areas of the site were preserved in perpetuity for the municipality, truly representing a win-win situation.

The site was almost entirely wooded, so Horizon Engineering worked closely between the developer and the Township to address the Township’s tree preservation requirements. Nestling homesites within a wooded setting prompted Township-required reforestation requirements be met to replace the impacted woodlands. We immediately realized an opportunity to institute meaningful plantings and reforestation on a nearby development site for the same client in the same township that was presently being worked on by Horizon Engineering.  The Township agreed and the developer was afforded the opportunity to meet the Township’s requirements for tree replacement on Wooded Ridge by installing substantial supplemental plantings and reforestation on the nearby site, thereby creating a park-like setting on an open, expansive site for the benefit of the future homebuyers.

In addition to working with the municipality to incorporate the cluster zoning changes for the property and to address tree replacement requirements, Horizon Engineering served as the client’s development representative throughout the project.  This included preparation of all plans, applications, permits and representation at all public meetings.  Furthermore, we coordinated the hydrogeological studies and testing necessary to obtain permitting and approvals for a community well for potable water supply.  We also provided site construction layout, building permit plans and house layout services.

Marlborough Township, Montgomery County, PA

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